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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Do White Christians deny or prefer certain races

Lots of religions deny lots of things . Mainstream religion is destitute of truth .

On the 6th day God created mankind, male and female to replenish the Earth . This means all the races and it was very good as it is written . 

There is no room for racism in the Bible . As it is written God will not put up with those who provoke themselves and others to anger against fellow humans . God especially hates defamation of character and slander . If God allowed people like that into heaven, it would be nothing more than a new hell.

God knows how much affliction each of us needs to humble for the eternity. This explains the verse ‘God only chastises those He loves ‘.

Individuals have to humble themselves and learn how to say ‘No’ to themselves. Sensual lust is a prison individuals house themselves in . The punishment of living that morally corrupt lifestyle lie’s within the sin itself . Never satisfied, always looking and longing for self gratification of the flesh. The lusty puppy’s spirit justify’s it’s barnyard morals leaving an empty soul. 

As it is written ‘flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God’ . Thank God that we are only in these corrupt flesh body’s for this very short time . As it is written ‘God repented that he made (flesh) man’ . Thank God we only pass through the matrix once born innocent of women then ‘ashes to ashes dust to dust , then the spirit is immediately with God at the death of the flesh.

Our spiritual bodies never age, never get sick and die, never lust at each other for personal gratification. Therefor it is un-holy to impose your bedroom activity’s on others no matter what your orientation is .

This instigative nature of this question is un-holy and an insult to a great race created and loved by God. 

I am of another race. Thats me in the picture and that is my front yard of a house I rented in the city. I got evicted so the landlord could 'renovate' and double the rent . It was a great little 700sq^ house that I could study and serve God's word . It was the basic necessities and that's all I desire .

I am of a sub-race easily identified by the stains on my shirt, f’d up teeth, piece of s*** broken down truck, ripped bedroom blind, vehicles parked on the front lawn .

I Am White Trash on the outside . 

But on the inside I am a servant of The Lord Jesus Christ . I am a sinner in constant repentance in all humbleness and humility. I view every human being I see as greater than me as I am a servant to them . I pray for those who look at me with distain that I can serve them with the knowledge of how to obtain the love of Jesus Christ in their hearts . 

The words of God fuel love.

The words of this question fuel hate. 

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